Three Minutes

I was travelling through a village. It was a winter dusk, one of those dusks where the sky was violent at the horizons, where the moon was partially visible, and one in which the birds were accompanying me from the sky in my journey back to the home. The day was falling and the night was taking over with every tick of the clock.

The breeze was blowing heavily like it was trying to warn every bone about the long winter night which is just about to start. The grasslands were meeting the sky at the skyline and a sheet of green was spread all around me. It was a picturesque view but not caring about it, I with my vehicle, kept moving forward, as I was still an hour away from home. The scene of my journey kept unchanged for a few more miles and then it came to a standstill because I met closed barrier arm of a railway level crossing.


Minute 1
A bike, a truck and a cyclist, were standing there before me. The biker was shivering, a kid was sitting behind him who was also trembling. The cyclist was planning to cross the crossing illegally and the truck driver was listening to Akashwani radio station. Two ladies were also chattering behind me while standing and that’s how I came to know that one’s son is studying arts and the other one’s is in Indian Air Force. All of these people were my companions in my fight with the icy winds. After waiting for some more seconds I realised that the railway crossing scene here was different from its city counterpart; free of horns, free of pollution, free of eagerness to reach somewhere.

Minute 2
My heart started beating rapidly the moment the jingles of Christmas became audible. In distant, beyond the two perfectly parallel railway lines, there was a Church, completely illuminated with the candles. The prayers and chants of Christmas were echoing all around. It was a Christmas dusk. It was this moment when the nostalgia of childhood hit me. I was remembering how I used to hang my socks and those endless worshippings to the god for gifts. How I always used to wonder “why it is called ‘Merry Christmas’ and not ‘Happy Christmas” How most of the time school’s winter vacation used to start from 25th. Christmas was a really special part of my childhood but It’s funny how after 20 years, It became just like any other day. I guess that’s how growing up feels.

Minute 3
I was in the middle of amazement when the sound of the train muted the jingles. I was expecting to wait for a bit longer but destiny always has a different plan. The train arrived in a blink of an eye, Maybe the driver was also eagerly waiting to go back home. The kid beside me was busy counting the number of coaches. 1,2,3,5. Yeah, he skipped 4. As soon as the last coach left and barriers opened, we all turned on our vehicles’ engine and yet another journey to different destinations began while departing from the old companions, again. The Akashwani also changed the song to Kahi Door Jab Din Dhal Jaye.

train rail during golden hour

P.S. This year I realised that I should keep this website going hence I will try to write more blogs in the coming months. I hope that you will accompany me on my journey of words. One more thing, don’t forget to look around when you meet any barrier next time. See you in 2020.


I am standing at the balcony and from here I can see people shivering with their sweaters on, I can feel the excitement for the new year through their expressions, What I am also seeing is a 12-month younger Dhruv eagerly writing his first blog while sitting on the chair which I just left. 2018 finished in a blink. All the lessons, moments of joy, setbacks, achievements which happened, all of them just concluded too quickly. The end of this year is approaching and so do the end of my blogging journey.

Writing blogs was one of the two resolutions I successfully achieved, reading books being the other one but this year was not only about writing. This year was also about the moon which is slowly coming up in the sky, It can be about the bird which is looking at me with a straw in her beak, Maybe also about the car which is silently standing on the road. The idea is that it was about all those things which affected me whether consciously or subconsciously in one way or the other because 365 days cannot be about just one thing.

As the people are preparing to celebrate one more complete revolution of earth, my mind is wondering what if I get a chance to rewind and relive 2018. My story would have been a bit different then, I would have definitely act a bit oppositely, a bit less angrily and a bit more practically. Anyways, this thought needs a lot of thinking so I should just leave it till the time the mankind is able to build a time machine.

2019 is an unknown year like every upcoming year. There are a lot of big events already planned and what I am looking for is some source of positivity to enter with. There is a group of people who are sitting around a bonfire. A bonfire of woods and fuel which is spreading the much-needed warmth into this icy temperature. This fire made me realise that no matter how cold the winters are there is always a fire around us which is capable of bringing the summer of positivity in our soul and in our actions. As the last ray of sunshine is vanishing from the sky, I am going back to my room leaving you with these cold winds and a message for the upcoming year.

In the coming year may the stars work in your favour, May your heart stays young enough to lighten up this world full of darkness and May you get to your home, the home where you could find you, In the coming year.

See You Soon.

people lights firework new year s eve

P.S. A ‘Thank You’ to all of my friends who kept sharing every blog of mine even in the times when I didn’t. You truly made this voyage exceptional. Dary(read the P.S. of the blog from March to know the initial words). Happy New Year!!

Few of My Poems

Long Night
I shall get through this long night

A night where I only have
My music & mind
with me

A night where the question
of existence is getting
over my masked identity

A night where my 2 am
partner is down & clock has
already stopped ticking

A night where the despair
Is over us and sunshine
of hope is still hours away

A night where the wind
Is touching ears &
eyes are longing companion

A night where the God
Is sleeping and my Devil
Is awakening

I shall get through this long night…

silhouette of man during nighttime

Mountains & Me
Even in the best of my days,
I never watched,
This Redishish dawn,
This Pinkish dusk,
This Whitish snow,
& This Greenish Nature

Even in the best of my days,
I never experienced,
This silence of jungles,
This noise of  thoughts,
This sound of rivers,
& This warmth of sunlight

Even in the best of my days
I never enjoyed,
This touch of clouds,
This coldness of winds,
This company of my own,
& This joy of lost

Even in the best of my days
I never imagined
This turn of roads,
This cheerfulness of rains,
This soul of creatures,
&  This mystical power of hills.

scenic view of mountains during dawn

Spirits of People
While wandering under the sun & icy nights,
I met few incredible hearts & spirits of wise,
With their restless soul & weird smiles,
They became a relative in disguise.
Through all the pieces of their advice,
My heart gathered a ton of devise,
Still, destiny has its own eyes,
Some of them depart with their set of lies,
And all I can do is arise,
Because at the end we all are alpinists with different heights.

silhouette of person walking

The town was unusual today
I was wondering why
Is luck coming on my way?
Or unluck is on highway?
During my thinking & walking, I saw you in the subway
& I got the answer to my why

See You In December

affection afterglow backlit blur

P.S. Poems can touch our soul in a way in which no long text ever can. Hence, I decided to share my poems which are truly special for me. Let me know which one you liked the most out of these and yes the last one is not complete, not yet.

A Letter for You

Hey You,
Do you remember me? Its been a while since we talked hence I thought of writing a letter to you. Its almost 3 AM, the city is motionless, the street lights are on for no one, this stillness of dark is enough to put anyone in introspection mode. I want to share a lot of things with you today but first, tell me how are you. I still remember when I first talked with you I was able to quickly dig through all the layers of pretending which you wear and beneath those layers, I found an elegant soul. The soul who is rebellious and always questions what the herd is doing. Yes, I know you don’t have a habit of revealing all of yourself to everyone but can you tell me why are you always so much critical of yourself? I feel its due to the fact that even after so many years you still have that need for other people to cherish you and your flight.

You hide them from others but you can tell me your dreams, dreams which are not ordinary but extraordinary. I am telling you those dreams which have been marked as will-o’-the-wisp by the society is totally feasible for you and this month, which signifies a change in the weather, is the perfect time for you to start your chase. I know every time you try to bring a change you hit barricades. I can’t tell you how to circumvent them, I wish I could but all I can say is to not give up. Keep fighting for your flight and once you reach the sky maybe you will feel alone, during those times always remember that I will be there for you with my loudest cheers to accompany you.

The best thing about you is the fact that you have a slight realisation of your potentials, those unused potentials which if used for once can do wonders to your fate. The last thing is I appreciate your ability of being an independent thinker. Never ever let this ability die inside you because its a gift most humans crave for. Concluding my letter here, with a hope that you will reread it again and again and again just to remember that you are an amazing person whose presence constantly spread euphoria around.
Your Guardian from the Sky

See You In November

red candle

P.S. The above letter is inspired by Barnum Effect. If you also feel that it was written precisely for you then read about this effect, you will learn a thing or two about human psychology. Enjoy. XD

Travelling in Time II

Read part one here first
The city of mountains was glowing with the happiness of its people on the day before Christmas. The snow was falling from the heavens, The chants of Merry Christmas was being echoed throughout the valley and in the middle of all the happenings, we had Darsh and Anirudh in a lockup waiting for destiny to help them in getting out of here.
‘Do you think we will ever get out of here’ Darsh asked
A Police personnel came to their cell and said
‘She is here though I was expecting her to come within 1 hour’
‘I wasn’t even expecting her to come this time’ Anirudh said and he left the cell with Darsh
‘Are we free now?, Who you are talking about? How these people know you?’ These were some of the questions which Darsh asked while they were walking to the office
‘I told you, I told you to leave that place before 5’ This was the voice of a 20-year girl who was looking really angry.
‘If you want to fight with us on why we didn’t leave that place then better just leave us here Aira. I didn’t set up the campaign with an intention to run away from there’ Anirudh said while he was still trying really hard to not make an eye contact with her.
‘Sign here and here too’ A policeman said to him and Darsh while breaking their conversation. Both of them signed and left the police station with Aira.
‘Who is this guy? He is not from our team’
‘He is Darsh, I met him in the morning. He was also there in the protest’ Anirudh introduced him to her.
‘Ohh, Hello Darsh’
‘Hi, nice to meet you Aira’ Darsh was sounding a bit shy. He was shivering in the car and was also searching where Ransh is like the sky who was searching for sun on that foggy day.
‘Where are we going now’ Anirudh asked
‘The NGT has accepted our application for urgent hearing. It’s Tomorrow. We are going to the airport. I have a flight at 4’
‘What about our lawyer she was sick till yesterday’
‘She is fine now, She already left for New Delhi but since I am assisting her I have to first take all the material and I also had to bring you out of the jail’ Aira said
‘Wait a minute. What kind of hearing you have in New Delhi. Will someone tell me what is going on’ Darsh was curious now and he has completely forgotten about Ransh
‘We filled an application for urgent hearing at NGT to stop the cutting of the forest which is about to begin from 26th and The National Green Tribunal has accepted to hear the matter’ Aira told Darsh.
Darsh felt that his grandfather was more concerned about the deforestation but now after meeting Aira he is feeling that she has more dedication and determination to stop the cutting of the trees.
‘What about our other volunteers who were arrested’ Darsh asked her
‘They will get released in the evening. My friend is there she will take care of this problem’
Darsh was getting intuitions that Ransh has left and now he can never go back to his time but still, he wanted to check at the camp for Ransh. Anirudh told him that he will go to camp after the airport and he will take him to the camp
The trees were moving backwards, Their car was moving forward and forward. The environment has turned red for the Christmas and then there was a blue car going through the dark and long trees. The car which has a huge responsibility to save the trees because this car is carrying their protectors. The road through the forest was pin-drop silent maybe this was forest’s way of conveying its best wishes to Darsh’s grandfather and Aira.

astronomy blue blue sky dark

‘That Mehra is really greedy. Why he can’t see the beauty of this forest which he will kill. So many animals will lose their home. Why he is only thinking of money?’ Darsh said this out in a really angry tone because he was admiring the nature.
‘Well I don’t know maybe he is a dolt’ Anirudh’s laugh was just about to become louder when he saw the angry look on Aira’s face and said
‘Sorry, Mr Mehra is a good guy maybe he has just lost a bit of focus lately’
‘No what you are saying he is a dolt, stupid, blind, brainless, unintelligent and’ Darsh was in the middle of completing his sentence
‘He is my father’ This voice silenced Darsh’s mouth before he could use any more adjectives in praise of her father. Aira is the daughter of the person whom Darsh used to consider as the villain of planet earth in his mind.
There was an awkward silence in the car after few minutes Anirudh played music just to kill the silence. Darsh was so shocked he was considering putting a lock on his mouth for the rest of journey.
‘Can’t you keep the music off I’m trying to drive here and save the forest while you are just busy in listening to some music’
‘Hey, I was in jail in the morning. I was at the camp from the day we started it. I know you are just panicking due to tomorrow’s hearing. Don’t worry we will win’
‘Yes I really want us to win tomorrow, wait, something is wrong with the car’ She said this and there was a huge sound in the car’s engine and it stopped.
The three of them were in the middle of that soundless road. They lost their car and signals of their phone too. Pushing the car to some meters is also not working.
‘I am never gonna make it to the airport.’ her frustration was clearly visible on her face.


They saw a car coming to them from some distance. Darsh was going to ask for a lift for the second time in the last 24 hours but before he could signal the car to stop. The driver stopped his car and a familiar voice greeted them.
‘Hey guys can we help you’ The person sitting next to the driver seat said it to Darsh
‘Ransh. What are you doing here? I thought you have left’ Darsh was in a shock and at the same time happy because of the fact that he can go back to his time now.
‘I will explain everything. First, sit in the car. Its cold outside’
‘We have to get to the airport quickly. I will drive now’ Anirudh was gesturing the driver of the car to let him drive.
‘What about the car’ Aira asked this from Anirudh
‘Rohan you have to take care of our car. Its engine has stopped working, I will drive your car’
Rohan was the driver of the car in which Ransh was sitting. He was also the member and a good friend of Anirudh & Aira. They exchanged the keys of the car and left for the airport. In the car, Ransh was explaining to them how he met Rohan at the camp. Ransh and Rohan went to the police station from where they learned about the airport and how they decided to come to the airport.

The Airport
They arrived at 4:30 for the flight of 4:00 pm.
‘We missed it, we missed it’ Aira was almost crying
‘Hey don’t worry. We will find a way. You will go to the hearing tomorrow’ Anirudh was assuring her
‘I don’t want to sound negative but you can only go if you could hire a private plane’
‘Why not? I should go and talk with some private plane pilots here and ask them if they can fly us to New Delhi’ Anirudh was confident that he will make at least one of them convinced
‘Who will take us to Delhi for free’ Till now Aira was able to stop her tears in her eye but after saying this she couldn’t hold them any further.
‘Maybe someone will. Someone who loves nature as much as we do. What’s wrong in trying’ he said this and left without even waiting for the response of Aira

‘Are you sure she is not your grandmother? Like you found your grandfather’ Ransh was trying to have a good laugh on his friend by saying this.
‘No her name was not Aira’ Darsh saw Anirudh coming back to them while he said it. They were waiting for him to come back from few minutes. Aira was also not crying now. She was collecting all of her documents. Anirudh went to her and said
‘Sorry. They said their plane only loves money. No one is willing to fly us’
‘I told you that it will not work. You can’t convince people this easily’
‘Actually, we can’ Darsh said it. Aira and Anirudh just took it as a joke but Ransh’s face had a shock on it. He took Darsh aside and told him
‘You can’t use convincing feature of your watch on the people’
‘I will. I have to there is no other option. I know people of our time have anti convincing chips in their body but here we can use this feature and I am doing it for something which can save hundreds of lives’ Darsh said this
‘No stop it, where are you going’
‘I will talk with them. I have good convincing abilities’ Darsh told Anirudh and asked him where the office is.
His legs were running towards the office with excitement. He entered the room and before pilot could throw his coffee on him for entering without permission he pointed his watch to the pilot and pressed the go button of his watch.
‘Listen to me. I don’t care what your name is’ Then he saw the board which had pilot’s name ‘Ohh Hello Mr Ashwin, You have to take the two people who are sitting outside to New Delhi right now’
The pilot was under the effect of the science of his watch so without resisting he said
‘Okay send them in, Let me call the maintenance team to make the plane ready for a flight’
‘You are a good person’ Darsh left the room without talking anything more
‘Go he agreed to take you to New Delhi’
‘Wait, how you convinced him?’ Anirudh was shocked
‘I just requested him in a very civilised manner also told him about the importance of the environment. He started crying after hearing the story of environmental degradation and said yes’
‘Thanks a lot really. We are grateful that we have people like you in our team’ Anirudh said this
‘Go now otherwise you will miss this one too’
‘Thank you Darsh’ Aira now had tears of joy & happiness
‘Yeah, he has good convincing abilities. All the best for tomorrow’s hearing. We will miss you two’ Ransh said while still trying to show Darsh that he is angry
‘Hey you don’t have to miss me. We can stay connected on Instagram. Add me there’
‘What is your username’ Ransh never used Instagram but he read about Instagram in their history chapter of 21st century’s social media.
‘Search Anantika Mehra I will be somewhere on top. I don’t know the full username but you can recognise me by my profile picture’
‘Yes Aira is just a short name’
‘Okay I will add you’
‘We should go now’ Darsh said to Ransh
‘Yes Goodbye and Take the car’ Anirudh was about to take the keys out of his pocket
‘Actually we don’t know how to drive a car. So you should leave it in the parking. We will take bus back to the city’ Darsh said
‘But do come to the party which we will organise after winning tomorrow’s case’
‘Shut up. we haven’t won yet. Too much confidence is bad’ Aira stopped him
‘What is wrong in too much confidence’ Both of them Anantika and Anirudh went towards their flight while still talking whether too much confidence is good or bad.
Darsh and Ransh also left the airport. After going some more distance on foot Ransh showed the fully charged Timeron to Darsh and said
‘Ready to go back to our home’
‘Yes but I will set the time’
Darsh set the time and pressed the go button and suddenly there was a huge splash of blue light and both of them disappeared from to 2018 and appeared in 2118.


25th December 2018
Case no 1628.
Green Members organisation vs Deepak Mehra
“This court after hearing and checking all the documents presented by both of the parties is putting a temporary stay on the plan of Mr Deepak Mishra to clear 100 acres of forest land. We also order the state to investigate further how he got the permission from the state goverment for this plan. The next hearing will be on 16th January 2019 till then Deepak Mehra can’t cut any tree of that 100-acre land”

25th December 2118
Final Report sent to Time Travel Control Board
“We in our investigation have found that the timeron which was given to Mr Darsh and Mr Ransh to travel to 1410 was faulty. On further investigation, we have also found that both of them didn’t make any person of 2018 aware of any of the future occurrences. We don’t consider them offenders in this incident and advice the Board to not give them life imprisonment or any other penalty.”

It was the best Christmas gift the two of them received.
‘last 24 hours were full of adventure’ Darsh said to Ransh after reading the full report
‘Yes, they were. You went to jail, We experienced how cold feels, Participated in a campaign and you also met your grandfather’ Ransh said to Darsh while offering him a cup of coffee
‘Not Grandfather. I met my Grandparents’
See You In October

astronomy beautiful clouds constellation
P.S. Darsh and Ransh never submitted their history assignment because they were unable to focus for the next few weeks. Anirudh, Anantika and their organisation still have the fight to convert the temporary stay into a permanent one. Darsh is now happier with his life due to the fact that people hear stories from their grandparents but he was the part of his grandparents’ story.

Travelling in Time

‘How can you miscalculate that, now we are struck in 2018’

A young time traveller of 22nd century said this to his fellow course mate just after crashing on a soundless & dark road. They were going back from the 15th century to 2118 after completing their history assignment which was given to them yesterday. Their device timeron which they use for time travelling has no battery now and they must charge it by keeping it in salty water for at least 4 hours.

Time travelling is banned in the 22nd century because once someone brought Hitler in the 22nd century by mistake and the authorities had some really tough time in arresting him and then sending him back to the Second World War. There are only two ways by which you can travel. First is to get a written permission from the time travel control board & the second is if you are studying history and have to do it for educational purposes only. In both of the case, you can only travel to the year in which you have permissions and if you go somewhere else you can get a life imprisonment.

‘Unacceptable’ Darsh said in an angry tone while trying to fix his broken glasses. Ransh whoes ears have turned deaf to any sound due to the fear of getting a life imprisonment said nothing. Both of them were experiencing cold for the first time. They were shivering in that winter night alone with that timeoron which also needs charging in their hands.
‘You confused me with your songs. It’s not completely my fault’
‘Then why you took timeron from my hands when u are this much vulnerable to confusion’ Darsh said this while still shivering beneath the cold night sky. A car suddenly stopped right behind Ransh. Darsh was really shocked to see that the car was being driven by some human being.

car-2014634_960_720 (1)

‘Need help, fellows’ the driver asked in a curious & suspicious way after seeing their dresses. Both of them were fighting but they also knew that spending the whole night on the road is not what they are looking for. Darsh told Ransh that he is going to ask for a lift. Ransh was not convinced with it & he tried stopping him by an angry look. Darsh hardly noticed his look.
‘Yes, would you drop us to any hotel nearby’
‘Only if you don’t fight within my car, come in’ The 20-year-old driver said to the two strangers.
‘No we will not, Thanks for this Favour. I’m Darsh and this is my friend Ransh’
‘Well nice to meet you, I will drop you at Starz Pavillion which is around 1 km but you must be praying to the god because chances of you finding a room at 3 on Christmas eve in a tourist city is less’
Listening to this they both asked in one voice ‘Which city are we in’.
‘Mussoorie, People’ the driver was now in a bit of shock and was wondering why people get so much high that they even forget the name of the city. Darsh has listened to the name of this city before. His grandparents were natives of the same city. The Starz Pavillion was showing the fully booked mark at its gate when they arrived.

‘Don’t worry you can stay at our camp for tonight. It’s not exactly like a camp but you can spend your night there’ the driver said in an effort to remove the cold look from their faces. Ransh knew that they don’t have any other option when they don’t even have the winter clothes and the money. After driving for another 10 or 15 minutes the camp appeared. The camp was already full of people with some illuminating bonfires & tents. ‘Follow me I’m the coordinator & leader of this, camp’ The driver said after parking his car and coming out of it.
‘And I completely forgot to tell you my name. I’m Anirudh Banerjee’
This gave shivers to Darsh and he was too quick to ask
‘Do you live here in Mussoorie’
‘Yes, 05/101 canal road. I stay there when I m not staying in the camps. You can visit there anytime’ Anirudh said laughingly.
Ransh was about to go forward when he noticed the pale look on Darsh’s face.
‘Whats wrong, we are not staying here forever. It’s just a matter of one night. Come!’
‘He is my grandfather’ Darsh’s hunted voice said while his body still being in the state of shock. He knew about the address of their grandparent’s house and it was one of the few things which he remembered from his grandmother stories.

As soon as they entered they witnessed four people holding the banner “You are cutting our future generations by cutting their present generations”
People were shouting slogans against a person named Mehra. The environment was tense in there. Slowly they realised that they are in some campaign against the deforestation.
‘What is this happening’ Ransh asked out of curiosity
‘Oh! we are doing a campaign against the plan of Mehra to clear 100 acres of forest land for his new industry’
‘Who is Mehra’
‘He is just another dumb who is high on his greed for the money, A failed businessman who still have a lot of money to fail more’
Ransh noticed a big house in front of the camp to realise that the agitation was happening in front of that man’s house. It was not a camp but a 24/7 battlefield.

A volunteer offered both of them blankets and some sweets but ignoring him completely Darsh took Ransh to the bonfire around which Anirudh was sitting. He sat down with him. He has never met his parents because they went on an interstellar mission just after his birth. He spent only 5 or 6 years with his grandmother and heard not much about his grandfather even if he heard he was too young to remember anything. Throughout his life of 20 years, he always missed his family. Never celebrated any festivals with his loved ones and here he was sitting with his grandfather on Christmas Eve talking about climate change with him. He wanted to tell him about the future, wanted to tell him about the businessman which he will go on to become but resisted his urges since it was against time travelling laws and they already have life imprisonment to face once they go back. It was a really mystical moment for Darsh then Anirudh told them about the deadline which Mehra has given and how today after 6 in the morning all of them will be arrested by the police. Hearing this Ransh called Darsh in the side and suggested him to run away. He also told about the 4 hours of charging that their timeron needs.
‘I will not leave before 6. I just want to spend some more time here, I know I will never be able to come back and meet my grandfather again’
Ransh was not happy with this answer but he knew he doesn’t have any other option but to accept this answer and wait till 6. While Darsh was sitting around the bonfire, Ransh took their timeron and set it for charging inside a tent.

6 o’clock

‘Run, they are here’ everyone was awake with the police siren but only Ransh was running here & there. Everyone else was determined enough to go to jail for their cause. ‘You two go away, take the keys of my car’ Darsh wanted to stay but he knew he can’t. Both were running away from the camp as far as they can, as fast as they can when in the midway, Ransh stoped Darsh and told him that they don’t have their timeron. It was dangerous going back now but if they don’t go back they would never get back to 2118. Moving ahead was not an option. Darsh ran to the third tent of the camp where they kept it hidden for charging. The police personnel were all over the camp by now arresting every person who was on the spot. Luckily Darsh managed to get the timeron but he understood that he can’t go back to Ransh without being caught. So he quickly buried his timeron in the snow. It was not the best thing you can do but in the middle of all the rush, he could only think of this. The moment he came out he was caught. He tried gesturing about the timeron to Ransh who was standing at some distance from the camp. He also signalled him to go away. He knew that he can never go back in time now but he wanted Ransh to go back and submit their assignment. Somewhere he was also praying that the International Time Control Board (ITCB) take action and evacuate him from this time once Ransh goes back and inform them about the whole incident.

To Be Continued…

See You In September

P.S. Anirudh and Darsh were sitting in a locker at 11 on the morning of Christmas eve with a hopeless look on their faces when a police personnel said ‘She is here’ to which Anirudh did smile a bit.





Tale of a Cycle

It was the fall of 2011’s autumn. Sweaters just started to appear. During those days of childhood, the cricket fever used to stay really high. I was late to the ground that day because of a cycle, a really unusual cycle took my attention and made me waste some precious moments in admiring it. I asked my friend about the strange number of cassettes that the tyre had and he told that you must have spotted the one with gears. The trend of cycles with gears was just starting to emerge at the beginning of this decade and there at that moment, at the age of 12, I discovered the aim of my life & It was not to get some bungalow or a BMW, It was to add that cycle in my belongings.

Coming home my mind already started picturing the ride, the joy and everything in between which she would present. We had a match on Sunday, now I don’t remember how much days it took me to convince my father but what I remember is that on the match day I was there with my new cycle. That raven cycle with strips of yellow & blue going through the handle to the paddles of it. I could sit on it and every time would end up in exploring a new adventure. Not a day would end without me taking help of her for reducing the burden from my feet. The only loss that it caused me ever was that Sunday match when it took away the focus of my team members from the game.

It was also the beginning of the new semester back in the school. I being not good with mathematics decided to join a coaching. The teacher was considered as the holy grail of mathematics and if you want to score in this subject of numbers all you had to do is pay some hundred rupees to the holy grail. The second day of the coaching and I was feeling that maybe his PR team is the holy grail of promotion & not him. Coming out from the exit door was a big relief on the first day, On the second day it made me lose a beat of my heart because

She was gone !!

I ran in all the directions of that street, checked all the corners of that locality, Hopelessly asked about a black cycle from every onlooker but the inevitable loss had already happened. Some thief(s) just took her away. On that night my eyes lost so many of their tears, I wished terribly to the God to bring her back again, cursed that thief a lot, requested the hands of the clock to go anti-clockwise, for some moments I was even convinced that it is just a nightmare which will end soon but turns out it wasn’t and on that moonless night no one was interested in hearing the prayers of a 12-year-old.

Looking back on this story I always feel a bit more positive about my journey because God did take that cycle away only to give me a two-wheeler few years later. That’s how it is readers sometimes we wish & pray too badly but still, no one will hear. Maybe because you are praying to get that cycle back while fate is busy in deciding which model of activa you should get.

See You In August

P.S. Isn’t it that all the people in our lives are also like cycles? Cycles without whom you can’t even think of covering miles and if you have lost them you must do something about it, run across the street, check the CCTV footage of locality, in my case I even filled an FIR. If you have tried everything and still don’t find them then congratulations for that two-wheeler which is about to come in your life soon.

A Guy From Plains

This road is becoming more curvy with every kilometre & here I am getting more closer to mountains with every turn. The caravan is moving on carrying the huge burden of excitement with it. Someone just spotted a river and I am wondering whether it is the same river which supplies water to my city. In the middle of this thought, my eyes witnessed the fog which is unsuccessfully trying to hide the hills from the vision of Musafir.

After travelling for nearly 7 hours this guy from the plains put his first foot on the land of the Himalayas. I saw trees which were spread to the horizon, A stunning dusk which was about to end in few minutes and a tea stall. Tea Stall which was a source of refreshment for the travellers. “You want, sir?” The owner asked and this was how I drink tea for the second time in my life. 30 minutes in the hills, I realised this place has so many adventures planned for me but as I reached at 7 and was also a bit tired, I postponed all of them till next day.

The next day I was standing on the hilltop at 5. I imagined this scene a lot of time during my journey but no dream was as divine as the real one. I have witnessed everything which I imagined from a blue sky to the ability to touch clouds and even things which I didn’t imagine. In between all the outflow of perfection, my ears heard an echo, echo of the train which was slowly becoming louder. The train added everything which was missing in this breathtaking scenery. The hands of clock also forgot to move like my body for some moments. On that morning I didn’t take my camera with me. It was an omission but later I realized that this omission saved me from wasting the dawn in taking photos.

I left the hilltop and took a walk in the dark forests. While I was finding my way through the partially illuminated forest with fear of being attacked by tiger accompanying my soul, A native told me that chances of you finding a tiger on this road is less, here the danger is from elephants who can appear on the road any time. Suddenly the wanderlust was not looking as peace-loving but the path has already been chosen and there was no point in looking back now. After a walk of maybe 5 kilometres, I took a ferry back to the town. These 5 kilometres kept coming in my dreams for some more days, in one I even managed to met an elephant & it was a utopic dream indeed.

(In the evening)

The eyes looked up in the sky. The sky who was ready to welcome the wanderers with some showers. Moments later saw a guy selling raincoats with an umbrella, didn’t purchase the raincoat because he was also not sure about their durability. Managed to buy that umbrella instead. His was not blue but a transparent umbrella under which one can see the drops of rain trying really hard to make your clothes wet. As I looked around I saw cars & people running for some shelter. I also ran for few seconds with my umbrella and to this day I am unable to figure out why I did that. In the middle of all the haste what I couldn’t manage to see was the joy of trees, the smile of their leaves who got the drop of water in months, the happiness of animals who were confident that the heat wave will end. What I couldn’t manage to see was the welcoming sound of rivers for the thunderstorm, the smell of the soil, the mist on the grass and my inner self who just wanted to stand there for few more minutes.

(Following some more hours of exploration)

The bell rang 9, normally people do take dinner at this time. So acting like a normal being I decided to eat too. As I was going to a restaurant my eyes spotted a group of people who were surrounded by street dogs. Being a cynophilist I couldn’t resist myself from checking what’s happening there, turns out these people were from an NGO with a mission to feed these loyal creatures. I also joined them & For next two hours, we managed to feed stomachs of maybe around 100 dogs. I became so fatigued after this that I decided to skip my meal. It was those rare nights when my stomach was empty but my heart was happy. On the way back I was counting on my achievements, suddenly a notification popped up “Congratulations, You completed 21000 steps today”

See You In July

space shuttle launch during nighttime

P.S. This is a memoir from my trip to the Dev Bhoomi. The reference to the blue colour of umbrella was a tribute to the Ruskin Bond who turned 84 this year. May he write more.

Exam Season

Let’s purchase Netflix membership, I should read Steve Jobs biography, This bat is looking old I should give him a retirement, What was the name of that song which the driver was listening to, The cartoons of my time were so good how can the kids of this generation watch such dumb cartoons.

During Exams, These random thoughts and my syllabus are my companions.

I call this season the season of awesomeness because your mind makes you do every other awesome activity apart from the only one thing which is required (you know what I am talking about). For some, this season has already ended but I m still in the middle of it and that’s why an idea to write on how my exams look like struck me.

As my mind read these unread pages, there is this part of me who is thinking about the deadline which I have to achieve and calculating whether I could achieve it this time or not. On exam mornings you will find only two kinds of people, One who are tensed to the core and the others who are practically redefining the term “coolness”. Preparing one day before the exam at 12 with a cup of coffee and listening to the song “Chale Chalo” is the most alluring feeling. I know it is not for everyone but then I am from the latter group of people.

The road looks more silent, nature looks more remarkable, time moves faster than usual, Night texting gets extended to 5 AMs and social media goes to the next level of distraction. I always used to feel that people cant show off how much they study until I found an app with the name Snapchat. This thing is really tricky. During the days when I was super active on it, my routine was like this

  • Book Opened
  • Snapchat Opened
  • Clicked some snaps of the book
  • Snapchat Closed
  • Book Closed

Until the day when I realised that this thing is getting out of hands and uninstalled it. Going through the vast experience which now I have in leaving social media it wasn’t tough at all but we should leave this topic for some other day or blog. One thing which happens to me in this season is that somehow I get the superpower of finishing the whole book in just some hours. The only sin with this power is that it vanishes away with the departure of the season.

The anxiety of exams and all the mental pressure can be really hard for certain people. Well over the years I have developed a way to cope with the anxiety of the exam day. The trick is wake up late and reach the exam hall at last minute. Reason being when you have free time before the exam your mind utilises it in thinking irrelevant questions when you are late he doesn’t have that time.

Climate change is really affecting the seasons. Summers are starting early, Winters are now only limited to January (talking about the plains) but I never knew that exam season can also be postponed. Maybe it is due to the climate change that the season which used to come in March is now hitting me in the month of May. Anyways my exam season will come to an end soon and the season of vacations will start. I have certain plans for the upcoming season lets see how many of them I could achieve. That’s it from this month’s blog.

See You In June

man wearing blue shorts about to dive on body of water

P.S. Now I have to go. My books are looking at me and calling me despairingly. Tomorrow is judgement day. One more thing never ever ever forgot your roll no because it can have devastating implications sometimes >:‑).

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