An Ordinary Day

It’s crazy that everyone knows their right destination but still takes the wrong journey to a wrong destination.

Hey reader, before you proceed further let me clarify that there is nothing extraordinary in this month’s blog. There are no pictures & no mushy lines so if you are here for some astounding tales you may face some disappointment ahead.

My story of yet another homespun day was started with the same morning routine in which my mind most of the times work on an autopilot mode. I don’t have any specific memory of this part so better let me fast forward to the college part. College part is tricky. I see people who are running behind their dreams with an unmatched amount of dedication. I see people who want to bring a change to my nation. Their dedication always gives me the feeling of sitting with the future Bureaucrats, Entrepreneurs, RJs of our country but sometimes this optimism vanishes away when I see a handful of students who are sitting in and out of the class just for the sake of it. A handful of people who in my opinion are acting like a pigeon who instead of flying high has a habit of closing his eyes whenever he sees a cat.

The evening was quite refreshing, started with the regular outing with the friends in which currently I don’t see anything memorable but I can bet that 30 years old Dhruv will. My refreshing part began when due to some transportation issues I had to take a walk back to my home. The long walks where only thing which accompanies you are your thoughts and some unknown faces but still If you look with a little different perspective you will understand that it’s a pretty relaxing exercise for your mind (can’t comment for the legs).

After coming back I tried to finish my unread book but my efforts got distracted by the notification tone of my phone. My curiosity to know what others are doing overshadowed the commitment of myself to my dreams. Our mind is a quite tricky person he knows what is right for him, He knows what he must do to achieve what is right for him but somehow every time he ends up doing absolutely opposite. Then I switched on the news channels with a desire to learn about the latest happenings but all I saw were some ads and handful of anchors who were shouting for the sake of their channel’s TRP.

And now here I am writing about my unpretentious day with my headphones on & a belief that you would appreciate my effort of writing about not so artistic things.

See You In April

P.S. Average days are always tough to handle but I guess its the average days which make us understand why we need awesome days, It’s the ordinary blogs which make us think why we need extraordinary blogs. Nevertheless, the experience of writing about my ordinary day was legen………..wait for it…………


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