Me and The Museum

Last month I was at the museum of Rashtrapati Bhawan. It is a wonderful multi-storey building which is located in probably one of the most noise-free zones of Delhi. Like any other regular museum, it is full of history and paintings. I am not good with both of these subjects from my childhood days, So chances of me appreciating them were pretty less.

But still, I was positive about the museum and started looking for things which I could love. The experience of exploring paintings was going fine until the time I saw a thing which looked something like this –

It was a different painting so I was standing there wondering why there is some kind of logo or rangoli hanging on the wall which has so many remarkable paintings.

” It’s a Mandala “

Okay, now that was unusual. There were two questions, First who is talking with me and second, what on earth is a mandala. Like any other person I was trying to solve both the mysteries and suddenly the voice introduced himself.

Museum: I am the museum in which you are currently standing.

Me: That’s not possible, How can you speak.

Museum: I have started, in order to spread the knowledge of art to the people who don’t value it.

Me: Hey, that’s not true I do appreciate paintings (sometimes).

Museum: But It is not limited to paintings. It is about everything like Your Favourite Song, Book, Movie, Photograph, Sculpture. Everything which requires some kind of imagination and creativity.

Me: Wait I have a really important question. If you are concerned about art then why this museum is full of history?

Museum: Art & history meet in the caves of early human beings, before the language there was art & before the art there was history. That’s the reason you will see both of them together in most of the museums.


Me: (Just out of curiosity) Do these paintings also speak?

Museum: This is not your Night at the Museum movie where everything comes alive but you can see them communicating their creator’s emotion if you have the power of perspective & knowledge. People of this age rarely have these powers. They rarely respect this profession.

Me: Then why you are still sticking with this profession?

Museum: Just See these two paintings and you will understand.

Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci


Composition with Red Blue and Yellow, Piet Mondrian


Museum: The first one is probably one of the most astonishing paintings ever created but the glorious thing about art is that it teaches us to appreciate the most simple things like the second painting by Piet Mondrian. In some cases, it also condones the imperfections. Appreciating imperfections is the reason I am still sticking.

The conversation went for another 5 minutes and in these 5 minutes I learned things which I didn’t learn even in my journey of almost two decades. I can tell you the whole conversation but it will only make the blog too wordy and no one likes reading long blogs so let’s fast forward to the ending part.

Me: (After realizing that he is a friendly person) You can also call me a little creative person.

Museum: Really? What sort of creative activities you do?

Me: These days I am trying my hands at writing and I also used to draw doodles & paintings in my early days of childhood. Do you want to see them?

Museum: Naa right now I have to go because there are many more people in this museum who need my teachings but I will love to see them some other day.

Me: Okay, Happy teaching!!

Museum: Hmmmm & next time you see something creative just take a moment from whatever you are doing and try to admire the efforts of the creator.

And that’s How I met the Museum.

See you in May

P.S. One thing which I have learned in life is that there are so many places which we don’t like but ones we visit them we end up cherishing them the most. Hence, This vacation season lets try to explore such places more.




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