Exam Season

Let’s purchase Netflix membership, I should read Steve Jobs biography, This bat is looking old I should give him a retirement, What was the name of that song which the driver was listening to, The cartoons of my time were so good how can the kids of this generation watch such dumb cartoons.

During Exams, These random thoughts and my syllabus are my companions.

I call this season the season of awesomeness because your mind makes you do every other awesome activity apart from the only one thing which is required (you know what I am talking about). For some, this season has already ended but I m still in the middle of it and that’s why an idea to write on how my exams look like struck me.

As my mind read these unread pages, there is this part of me who is thinking about the deadline which I have to achieve and calculating whether I could achieve it this time or not. On exam mornings you will find only two kinds of people, One who are tensed to the core and the others who are practically redefining the term “coolness”. Preparing one day before the exam at 12 with a cup of coffee and listening to the song “Chale Chalo” is the most alluring feeling. I know it is not for everyone but then I am from the latter group of people.

The road looks more silent, nature looks more remarkable, time moves faster than usual, Night texting gets extended to 5 AMs and social media goes to the next level of distraction. I always used to feel that people cant show off how much they study until I found an app with the name Snapchat. This thing is really tricky. During the days when I was super active on it, my routine was like this

  • Book Opened
  • Snapchat Opened
  • Clicked some snaps of the book
  • Snapchat Closed
  • Book Closed

Until the day when I realised that this thing is getting out of hands and uninstalled it. Going through the vast experience which now I have in leaving social media it wasn’t tough at all but we should leave this topic for some other day or blog. One thing which happens to me in this season is that somehow I get the superpower of finishing the whole book in just some hours. The only sin with this power is that it vanishes away with the departure of the season.

The anxiety of exams and all the mental pressure can be really hard for certain people. Well over the years I have developed a way to cope with the anxiety of the exam day. The trick is wake up late and reach the exam hall at last minute. Reason being when you have free time before the exam your mind utilises it in thinking irrelevant questions when you are late he doesn’t have that time.

Climate change is really affecting the seasons. Summers are starting early, Winters are now only limited to January (talking about the plains) but I never knew that exam season can also be postponed. Maybe it is due to the climate change that the season which used to come in March is now hitting me in the month of May. Anyways my exam season will come to an end soon and the season of vacations will start. I have certain plans for the upcoming season lets see how many of them I could achieve. That’s it from this month’s blog.

See You In June

man wearing blue shorts about to dive on body of water

P.S. Now I have to go. My books are looking at me and calling me despairingly. Tomorrow is judgement day. One more thing never ever ever forgot your roll no because it can have devastating implications sometimes >:‑).


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