A Guy From Plains

This road is becoming more curvy with every kilometre & here I am getting more closer to mountains with every turn. The caravan is moving on carrying the huge burden of excitement with it. Someone just spotted a river and I am wondering whether it is the same river which supplies water to my city. In the middle of this thought, my eyes witnessed the fog which is unsuccessfully trying to hide the hills from the vision of Musafir.

After travelling for nearly 7 hours this guy from the plains put his first foot on the land of the Himalayas. I saw trees which were spread to the horizon, A stunning dusk which was about to end in few minutes and a tea stall. Tea Stall which was a source of refreshment for the travellers. “You want, sir?” The owner asked and this was how I drink tea for the second time in my life. 30 minutes in the hills, I realised this place has so many adventures planned for me but as I reached at 7 and was also a bit tired, I postponed all of them till next day.

The next day I was standing on the hilltop at 5. I imagined this scene a lot of time during my journey but no dream was as divine as the real one. I have witnessed everything which I imagined from a blue sky to the ability to touch clouds and even things which I didn’t imagine. In between all the outflow of perfection, my ears heard an echo, echo of the train which was slowly becoming louder. The train added everything which was missing in this breathtaking scenery. The hands of clock also forgot to move like my body for some moments. On that morning I didn’t take my camera with me. It was an omission but later I realized that this omission saved me from wasting the dawn in taking photos.

I left the hilltop and took a walk in the dark forests. While I was finding my way through the partially illuminated forest with fear of being attacked by tiger accompanying my soul, A native told me that chances of you finding a tiger on this road is less, here the danger is from elephants who can appear on the road any time. Suddenly the wanderlust was not looking as peace-loving but the path has already been chosen and there was no point in looking back now. After a walk of maybe 5 kilometres, I took a ferry back to the town. These 5 kilometres kept coming in my dreams for some more days, in one I even managed to met an elephant & it was a utopic dream indeed.

(In the evening)

The eyes looked up in the sky. The sky who was ready to welcome the wanderers with some showers. Moments later saw a guy selling raincoats with an umbrella, didn’t purchase the raincoat because he was also not sure about their durability. Managed to buy that umbrella instead. His was not blue but a transparent umbrella under which one can see the drops of rain trying really hard to make your clothes wet. As I looked around I saw cars & people running for some shelter. I also ran for few seconds with my umbrella and to this day I am unable to figure out why I did that. In the middle of all the haste what I couldn’t manage to see was the joy of trees, the smile of their leaves who got the drop of water in months, the happiness of animals who were confident that the heat wave will end. What I couldn’t manage to see was the welcoming sound of rivers for the thunderstorm, the smell of the soil, the mist on the grass and my inner self who just wanted to stand there for few more minutes.

(Following some more hours of exploration)

The bell rang 9, normally people do take dinner at this time. So acting like a normal being I decided to eat too. As I was going to a restaurant my eyes spotted a group of people who were surrounded by street dogs. Being a cynophilist I couldn’t resist myself from checking what’s happening there, turns out these people were from an NGO with a mission to feed these loyal creatures. I also joined them & For next two hours, we managed to feed stomachs of maybe around 100 dogs. I became so fatigued after this that I decided to skip my meal. It was those rare nights when my stomach was empty but my heart was happy. On the way back I was counting on my achievements, suddenly a notification popped up “Congratulations, You completed 21000 steps today”

See You In July

space shuttle launch during nighttime

P.S. This is a memoir from my trip to the Dev Bhoomi. The reference to the blue colour of umbrella was a tribute to the Ruskin Bond who turned 84 this year. May he write more.


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