Tale of a Cycle

It was the fall of 2011’s autumn. Sweaters just started to appear. During those days of childhood, the cricket fever used to stay really high. I was late to the ground that day because of a cycle, a really unusual cycle took my attention and made me waste some precious moments in admiring it. I asked my friend about the strange number of cassettes that the tyre had and he told that you must have spotted the one with gears. The trend of cycles with gears was just starting to emerge at the beginning of this decade and there at that moment, at the age of 12, I discovered the aim of my life & It was not to get some bungalow or a BMW, It was to add that cycle in my belongings.

Coming home my mind already started picturing the ride, the joy and everything in between which she would present. We had a match on Sunday, now I don’t remember how much days it took me to convince my father but what I remember is that on the match day I was there with my new cycle. That raven cycle with strips of yellow & blue going through the handle to the paddles of it. I could sit on it and every time would end up in exploring a new adventure. Not a day would end without me taking help of her for reducing the burden from my feet. The only loss that it caused me ever was that Sunday match when it took away the focus of my team members from the game.

It was also the beginning of the new semester back in the school. I being not good with mathematics decided to join a coaching. The teacher was considered as the holy grail of mathematics and if you want to score in this subject of numbers all you had to do is pay some hundred rupees to the holy grail. The second day of the coaching and I was feeling that maybe his PR team is the holy grail of promotion & not him. Coming out from the exit door was a big relief on the first day, On the second day it made me lose a beat of my heart because

She was gone !!

I ran in all the directions of that street, checked all the corners of that locality, Hopelessly asked about a black cycle from every onlooker but the inevitable loss had already happened. Some thief(s) just took her away. On that night my eyes lost so many of their tears, I wished terribly to the God to bring her back again, cursed that thief a lot, requested the hands of the clock to go anti-clockwise, for some moments I was even convinced that it is just a nightmare which will end soon but turns out it wasn’t and on that moonless night no one was interested in hearing the prayers of a 12-year-old.

Looking back on this story I always feel a bit more positive about my journey because God did take that cycle away only to give me a two-wheeler few years later. That’s how it is readers sometimes we wish & pray too badly but still, no one will hear. Maybe because you are praying to get that cycle back while fate is busy in deciding which model of activa you should get.

See You In August

P.S. Isn’t it that all the people in our lives are also like cycles? Cycles without whom you can’t even think of covering miles and if you have lost them you must do something about it, run across the street, check the CCTV footage of locality, in my case I even filled an FIR. If you have tried everything and still don’t find them then congratulations for that two-wheeler which is about to come in your life soon.


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