Travelling in Time

‘How can you miscalculate that, now we are struck in 2018’

A young time traveller of 22nd century said this to his fellow course mate just after crashing on a soundless & dark road. They were going back from the 15th century to 2118 after completing their history assignment which was given to them yesterday. Their device timeron which they use for time travelling has no battery now and they must charge it by keeping it in salty water for at least 4 hours.

Time travelling is banned in the 22nd century because once someone brought Hitler in the 22nd century by mistake and the authorities had some really tough time in arresting him and then sending him back to the Second World War. There are only two ways by which you can travel. First is to get a written permission from the time travel control board & the second is if you are studying history and have to do it for educational purposes only. In both of the case, you can only travel to the year in which you have permissions and if you go somewhere else you can get a life imprisonment.

‘Unacceptable’ Darsh said in an angry tone while trying to fix his broken glasses. Ransh whoes ears have turned deaf to any sound due to the fear of getting a life imprisonment said nothing. Both of them were experiencing cold for the first time. They were shivering in that winter night alone with that timeoron which also needs charging in their hands.
‘You confused me with your songs. It’s not completely my fault’
‘Then why you took timeron from my hands when u are this much vulnerable to confusion’ Darsh said this while still shivering beneath the cold night sky. A car suddenly stopped right behind Ransh. Darsh was really shocked to see that the car was being driven by some human being.

car-2014634_960_720 (1)

‘Need help, fellows’ the driver asked in a curious & suspicious way after seeing their dresses. Both of them were fighting but they also knew that spending the whole night on the road is not what they are looking for. Darsh told Ransh that he is going to ask for a lift. Ransh was not convinced with it & he tried stopping him by an angry look. Darsh hardly noticed his look.
‘Yes, would you drop us to any hotel nearby’
‘Only if you don’t fight within my car, come in’ The 20-year-old driver said to the two strangers.
‘No we will not, Thanks for this Favour. I’m Darsh and this is my friend Ransh’
‘Well nice to meet you, I will drop you at Starz Pavillion which is around 1 km but you must be praying to the god because chances of you finding a room at 3 on Christmas eve in a tourist city is less’
Listening to this they both asked in one voice ‘Which city are we in’.
‘Mussoorie, People’ the driver was now in a bit of shock and was wondering why people get so much high that they even forget the name of the city. Darsh has listened to the name of this city before. His grandparents were natives of the same city. The Starz Pavillion was showing the fully booked mark at its gate when they arrived.

‘Don’t worry you can stay at our camp for tonight. It’s not exactly like a camp but you can spend your night there’ the driver said in an effort to remove the cold look from their faces. Ransh knew that they don’t have any other option when they don’t even have the winter clothes and the money. After driving for another 10 or 15 minutes the camp appeared. The camp was already full of people with some illuminating bonfires & tents. ‘Follow me I’m the coordinator & leader of this, camp’ The driver said after parking his car and coming out of it.
‘And I completely forgot to tell you my name. I’m Anirudh Banerjee’
This gave shivers to Darsh and he was too quick to ask
‘Do you live here in Mussoorie’
‘Yes, 05/101 canal road. I stay there when I m not staying in the camps. You can visit there anytime’ Anirudh said laughingly.
Ransh was about to go forward when he noticed the pale look on Darsh’s face.
‘Whats wrong, we are not staying here forever. It’s just a matter of one night. Come!’
‘He is my grandfather’ Darsh’s hunted voice said while his body still being in the state of shock. He knew about the address of their grandparent’s house and it was one of the few things which he remembered from his grandmother stories.

As soon as they entered they witnessed four people holding the banner “You are cutting our future generations by cutting their present generations”
People were shouting slogans against a person named Mehra. The environment was tense in there. Slowly they realised that they are in some campaign against the deforestation.
‘What is this happening’ Ransh asked out of curiosity
‘Oh! we are doing a campaign against the plan of Mehra to clear 100 acres of forest land for his new industry’
‘Who is Mehra’
‘He is just another dumb who is high on his greed for the money, A failed businessman who still have a lot of money to fail more’
Ransh noticed a big house in front of the camp to realise that the agitation was happening in front of that man’s house. It was not a camp but a 24/7 battlefield.

A volunteer offered both of them blankets and some sweets but ignoring him completely Darsh took Ransh to the bonfire around which Anirudh was sitting. He sat down with him. He has never met his parents because they went on an interstellar mission just after his birth. He spent only 5 or 6 years with his grandmother and heard not much about his grandfather even if he heard he was too young to remember anything. Throughout his life of 20 years, he always missed his family. Never celebrated any festivals with his loved ones and here he was sitting with his grandfather on Christmas Eve talking about climate change with him. He wanted to tell him about the future, wanted to tell him about the businessman which he will go on to become but resisted his urges since it was against time travelling laws and they already have life imprisonment to face once they go back. It was a really mystical moment for Darsh then Anirudh told them about the deadline which Mehra has given and how today after 6 in the morning all of them will be arrested by the police. Hearing this Ransh called Darsh in the side and suggested him to run away. He also told about the 4 hours of charging that their timeron needs.
‘I will not leave before 6. I just want to spend some more time here, I know I will never be able to come back and meet my grandfather again’
Ransh was not happy with this answer but he knew he doesn’t have any other option but to accept this answer and wait till 6. While Darsh was sitting around the bonfire, Ransh took their timeron and set it for charging inside a tent.

6 o’clock

‘Run, they are here’ everyone was awake with the police siren but only Ransh was running here & there. Everyone else was determined enough to go to jail for their cause. ‘You two go away, take the keys of my car’ Darsh wanted to stay but he knew he can’t. Both were running away from the camp as far as they can, as fast as they can when in the midway, Ransh stoped Darsh and told him that they don’t have their timeron. It was dangerous going back now but if they don’t go back they would never get back to 2118. Moving ahead was not an option. Darsh ran to the third tent of the camp where they kept it hidden for charging. The police personnel were all over the camp by now arresting every person who was on the spot. Luckily Darsh managed to get the timeron but he understood that he can’t go back to Ransh without being caught. So he quickly buried his timeron in the snow. It was not the best thing you can do but in the middle of all the rush, he could only think of this. The moment he came out he was caught. He tried gesturing about the timeron to Ransh who was standing at some distance from the camp. He also signalled him to go away. He knew that he can never go back in time now but he wanted Ransh to go back and submit their assignment. Somewhere he was also praying that the International Time Control Board (ITCB) take action and evacuate him from this time once Ransh goes back and inform them about the whole incident.

To Be Continued…

See You In September

P.S. Anirudh and Darsh were sitting in a locker at 11 on the morning of Christmas eve with a hopeless look on their faces when a police personnel said ‘She is here’ to which Anirudh did smile a bit.






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