Travelling in Time II

Read part one here first
The city of mountains was glowing with the happiness of its people on the day before Christmas. The snow was falling from the heavens, The chants of Merry Christmas was being echoed throughout the valley and in the middle of all the happenings, we had Darsh and Anirudh in a lockup waiting for destiny to help them in getting out of here.
‘Do you think we will ever get out of here’ Darsh asked
A Police personnel came to their cell and said
‘She is here though I was expecting her to come within 1 hour’
‘I wasn’t even expecting her to come this time’ Anirudh said and he left the cell with Darsh
‘Are we free now?, Who you are talking about? How these people know you?’ These were some of the questions which Darsh asked while they were walking to the office
‘I told you, I told you to leave that place before 5’ This was the voice of a 20-year girl who was looking really angry.
‘If you want to fight with us on why we didn’t leave that place then better just leave us here Aira. I didn’t set up the campaign with an intention to run away from there’ Anirudh said while he was still trying really hard to not make an eye contact with her.
‘Sign here and here too’ A policeman said to him and Darsh while breaking their conversation. Both of them signed and left the police station with Aira.
‘Who is this guy? He is not from our team’
‘He is Darsh, I met him in the morning. He was also there in the protest’ Anirudh introduced him to her.
‘Ohh, Hello Darsh’
‘Hi, nice to meet you Aira’ Darsh was sounding a bit shy. He was shivering in the car and was also searching where Ransh is like the sky who was searching for sun on that foggy day.
‘Where are we going now’ Anirudh asked
‘The NGT has accepted our application for urgent hearing. It’s Tomorrow. We are going to the airport. I have a flight at 4’
‘What about our lawyer she was sick till yesterday’
‘She is fine now, She already left for New Delhi but since I am assisting her I have to first take all the material and I also had to bring you out of the jail’ Aira said
‘Wait a minute. What kind of hearing you have in New Delhi. Will someone tell me what is going on’ Darsh was curious now and he has completely forgotten about Ransh
‘We filled an application for urgent hearing at NGT to stop the cutting of the forest which is about to begin from 26th and The National Green Tribunal has accepted to hear the matter’ Aira told Darsh.
Darsh felt that his grandfather was more concerned about the deforestation but now after meeting Aira he is feeling that she has more dedication and determination to stop the cutting of the trees.
‘What about our other volunteers who were arrested’ Darsh asked her
‘They will get released in the evening. My friend is there she will take care of this problem’
Darsh was getting intuitions that Ransh has left and now he can never go back to his time but still, he wanted to check at the camp for Ransh. Anirudh told him that he will go to camp after the airport and he will take him to the camp
The trees were moving backwards, Their car was moving forward and forward. The environment has turned red for the Christmas and then there was a blue car going through the dark and long trees. The car which has a huge responsibility to save the trees because this car is carrying their protectors. The road through the forest was pin-drop silent maybe this was forest’s way of conveying its best wishes to Darsh’s grandfather and Aira.

astronomy blue blue sky dark

‘That Mehra is really greedy. Why he can’t see the beauty of this forest which he will kill. So many animals will lose their home. Why he is only thinking of money?’ Darsh said this out in a really angry tone because he was admiring the nature.
‘Well I don’t know maybe he is a dolt’ Anirudh’s laugh was just about to become louder when he saw the angry look on Aira’s face and said
‘Sorry, Mr Mehra is a good guy maybe he has just lost a bit of focus lately’
‘No what you are saying he is a dolt, stupid, blind, brainless, unintelligent and’ Darsh was in the middle of completing his sentence
‘He is my father’ This voice silenced Darsh’s mouth before he could use any more adjectives in praise of her father. Aira is the daughter of the person whom Darsh used to consider as the villain of planet earth in his mind.
There was an awkward silence in the car after few minutes Anirudh played music just to kill the silence. Darsh was so shocked he was considering putting a lock on his mouth for the rest of journey.
‘Can’t you keep the music off I’m trying to drive here and save the forest while you are just busy in listening to some music’
‘Hey, I was in jail in the morning. I was at the camp from the day we started it. I know you are just panicking due to tomorrow’s hearing. Don’t worry we will win’
‘Yes I really want us to win tomorrow, wait, something is wrong with the car’ She said this and there was a huge sound in the car’s engine and it stopped.
The three of them were in the middle of that soundless road. They lost their car and signals of their phone too. Pushing the car to some meters is also not working.
‘I am never gonna make it to the airport.’ her frustration was clearly visible on her face.


They saw a car coming to them from some distance. Darsh was going to ask for a lift for the second time in the last 24 hours but before he could signal the car to stop. The driver stopped his car and a familiar voice greeted them.
‘Hey guys can we help you’ The person sitting next to the driver seat said it to Darsh
‘Ransh. What are you doing here? I thought you have left’ Darsh was in a shock and at the same time happy because of the fact that he can go back to his time now.
‘I will explain everything. First, sit in the car. Its cold outside’
‘We have to get to the airport quickly. I will drive now’ Anirudh was gesturing the driver of the car to let him drive.
‘What about the car’ Aira asked this from Anirudh
‘Rohan you have to take care of our car. Its engine has stopped working, I will drive your car’
Rohan was the driver of the car in which Ransh was sitting. He was also the member and a good friend of Anirudh & Aira. They exchanged the keys of the car and left for the airport. In the car, Ransh was explaining to them how he met Rohan at the camp. Ransh and Rohan went to the police station from where they learned about the airport and how they decided to come to the airport.

The Airport
They arrived at 4:30 for the flight of 4:00 pm.
‘We missed it, we missed it’ Aira was almost crying
‘Hey don’t worry. We will find a way. You will go to the hearing tomorrow’ Anirudh was assuring her
‘I don’t want to sound negative but you can only go if you could hire a private plane’
‘Why not? I should go and talk with some private plane pilots here and ask them if they can fly us to New Delhi’ Anirudh was confident that he will make at least one of them convinced
‘Who will take us to Delhi for free’ Till now Aira was able to stop her tears in her eye but after saying this she couldn’t hold them any further.
‘Maybe someone will. Someone who loves nature as much as we do. What’s wrong in trying’ he said this and left without even waiting for the response of Aira

‘Are you sure she is not your grandmother? Like you found your grandfather’ Ransh was trying to have a good laugh on his friend by saying this.
‘No her name was not Aira’ Darsh saw Anirudh coming back to them while he said it. They were waiting for him to come back from few minutes. Aira was also not crying now. She was collecting all of her documents. Anirudh went to her and said
‘Sorry. They said their plane only loves money. No one is willing to fly us’
‘I told you that it will not work. You can’t convince people this easily’
‘Actually, we can’ Darsh said it. Aira and Anirudh just took it as a joke but Ransh’s face had a shock on it. He took Darsh aside and told him
‘You can’t use convincing feature of your watch on the people’
‘I will. I have to there is no other option. I know people of our time have anti convincing chips in their body but here we can use this feature and I am doing it for something which can save hundreds of lives’ Darsh said this
‘No stop it, where are you going’
‘I will talk with them. I have good convincing abilities’ Darsh told Anirudh and asked him where the office is.
His legs were running towards the office with excitement. He entered the room and before pilot could throw his coffee on him for entering without permission he pointed his watch to the pilot and pressed the go button of his watch.
‘Listen to me. I don’t care what your name is’ Then he saw the board which had pilot’s name ‘Ohh Hello Mr Ashwin, You have to take the two people who are sitting outside to New Delhi right now’
The pilot was under the effect of the science of his watch so without resisting he said
‘Okay send them in, Let me call the maintenance team to make the plane ready for a flight’
‘You are a good person’ Darsh left the room without talking anything more
‘Go he agreed to take you to New Delhi’
‘Wait, how you convinced him?’ Anirudh was shocked
‘I just requested him in a very civilised manner also told him about the importance of the environment. He started crying after hearing the story of environmental degradation and said yes’
‘Thanks a lot really. We are grateful that we have people like you in our team’ Anirudh said this
‘Go now otherwise you will miss this one too’
‘Thank you Darsh’ Aira now had tears of joy & happiness
‘Yeah, he has good convincing abilities. All the best for tomorrow’s hearing. We will miss you two’ Ransh said while still trying to show Darsh that he is angry
‘Hey you don’t have to miss me. We can stay connected on Instagram. Add me there’
‘What is your username’ Ransh never used Instagram but he read about Instagram in their history chapter of 21st century’s social media.
‘Search Anantika Mehra I will be somewhere on top. I don’t know the full username but you can recognise me by my profile picture’
‘Yes Aira is just a short name’
‘Okay I will add you’
‘We should go now’ Darsh said to Ransh
‘Yes Goodbye and Take the car’ Anirudh was about to take the keys out of his pocket
‘Actually we don’t know how to drive a car. So you should leave it in the parking. We will take bus back to the city’ Darsh said
‘But do come to the party which we will organise after winning tomorrow’s case’
‘Shut up. we haven’t won yet. Too much confidence is bad’ Aira stopped him
‘What is wrong in too much confidence’ Both of them Anantika and Anirudh went towards their flight while still talking whether too much confidence is good or bad.
Darsh and Ransh also left the airport. After going some more distance on foot Ransh showed the fully charged Timeron to Darsh and said
‘Ready to go back to our home’
‘Yes but I will set the time’
Darsh set the time and pressed the go button and suddenly there was a huge splash of blue light and both of them disappeared from to 2018 and appeared in 2118.


25th December 2018
Case no 1628.
Green Members organisation vs Deepak Mehra
“This court after hearing and checking all the documents presented by both of the parties is putting a temporary stay on the plan of Mr Deepak Mishra to clear 100 acres of forest land. We also order the state to investigate further how he got the permission from the state goverment for this plan. The next hearing will be on 16th January 2019 till then Deepak Mehra can’t cut any tree of that 100-acre land”

25th December 2118
Final Report sent to Time Travel Control Board
“We in our investigation have found that the timeron which was given to Mr Darsh and Mr Ransh to travel to 1410 was faulty. On further investigation, we have also found that both of them didn’t make any person of 2018 aware of any of the future occurrences. We don’t consider them offenders in this incident and advice the Board to not give them life imprisonment or any other penalty.”

It was the best Christmas gift the two of them received.
‘last 24 hours were full of adventure’ Darsh said to Ransh after reading the full report
‘Yes, they were. You went to jail, We experienced how cold feels, Participated in a campaign and you also met your grandfather’ Ransh said to Darsh while offering him a cup of coffee
‘Not Grandfather. I met my Grandparents’
See You In October

astronomy beautiful clouds constellation
P.S. Darsh and Ransh never submitted their history assignment because they were unable to focus for the next few weeks. Anirudh, Anantika and their organisation still have the fight to convert the temporary stay into a permanent one. Darsh is now happier with his life due to the fact that people hear stories from their grandparents but he was the part of his grandparents’ story.


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