A Letter for You

Hey You,
Do you remember me? Its been a while since we talked hence I thought of writing a letter to you. Its almost 3 AM, the city is motionless, the street lights are on for no one, this stillness of dark is enough to put anyone in introspection mode. I want to share a lot of things with you today but first, tell me how are you. I still remember when I first talked with you I was able to quickly dig through all the layers of pretending which you wear and beneath those layers, I found an elegant soul. The soul who is rebellious and always questions what the herd is doing. Yes, I know you don’t have a habit of revealing all of yourself to everyone but can you tell me why are you always so much critical of yourself? I feel its due to the fact that even after so many years you still have that need for other people to cherish you and your flight.

You hide them from others but you can tell me your dreams, dreams which are not ordinary but extraordinary. I am telling you those dreams which have been marked as will-o’-the-wisp by the society is totally feasible for you and this month, which signifies a change in the weather, is the perfect time for you to start your chase. I know every time you try to bring a change you hit barricades. I can’t tell you how to circumvent them, I wish I could but all I can say is to not give up. Keep fighting for your flight and once you reach the sky maybe you will feel alone, during those times always remember that I will be there for you with my loudest cheers to accompany you.

The best thing about you is the fact that you have a slight realisation of your potentials, those unused potentials which if used for once can do wonders to your fate. The last thing is I appreciate your ability of being an independent thinker. Never ever let this ability die inside you because its a gift most humans crave for. Concluding my letter here, with a hope that you will reread it again and again and again just to remember that you are an amazing person whose presence constantly spread euphoria around.
Your Guardian from the Sky

See You In November

red candle

P.S. The above letter is inspired by Barnum Effect. If you also feel that it was written precisely for you then read about this effect, you will learn a thing or two about human psychology. Enjoy. XD


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