Few of My Poems

Long Night
I shall get through this long night

A night where I only have
My music & mind
with me

A night where the question
of existence is getting
over my masked identity

A night where my 2 am
partner is down & clock has
already stopped ticking

A night where the despair
Is over us and sunshine
of hope is still hours away

A night where the wind
Is touching ears &
eyes are longing companion

A night where the God
Is sleeping and my Devil
Is awakening

I shall get through this long night…

silhouette of man during nighttime

Mountains & Me
Even in the best of my days,
I never watched,
This Redishish dawn,
This Pinkish dusk,
This Whitish snow,
& This Greenish Nature

Even in the best of my days,
I never experienced,
This silence of jungles,
This noise of  thoughts,
This sound of rivers,
& This warmth of sunlight

Even in the best of my days
I never enjoyed,
This touch of clouds,
This coldness of winds,
This company of my own,
& This joy of lost

Even in the best of my days
I never imagined
This turn of roads,
This cheerfulness of rains,
This soul of creatures,
&  This mystical power of hills.

scenic view of mountains during dawn

Spirits of People
While wandering under the sun & icy nights,
I met few incredible hearts & spirits of wise,
With their restless soul & weird smiles,
They became a relative in disguise.
Through all the pieces of their advice,
My heart gathered a ton of devise,
Still, destiny has its own eyes,
Some of them depart with their set of lies,
And all I can do is arise,
Because at the end we all are alpinists with different heights.

silhouette of person walking

The town was unusual today
I was wondering why
Is luck coming on my way?
Or unluck is on highway?
During my thinking & walking, I saw you in the subway
& I got the answer to my why

See You In December

affection afterglow backlit blur

P.S. Poems can touch our soul in a way in which no long text ever can. Hence, I decided to share my poems which are truly special for me. Let me know which one you liked the most out of these and yes the last one is not complete, not yet.


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