I am standing at the balcony and from here I can see people shivering with their sweaters on, I can feel the excitement for the new year through their expressions, What I am also seeing is a 12-month younger Dhruv eagerly writing his first blog while sitting on the chair which I just left. 2018 finished in a blink. All the lessons, moments of joy, setbacks, achievements which happened, all of them just concluded too quickly. The end of this year is approaching and so do the end of my blogging journey.

Writing blogs was one of the two resolutions I successfully achieved, reading books being the other one but this year was not only about writing. This year was also about the moon which is slowly coming up in the sky, It can be about the bird which is looking at me with a straw in her beak, Maybe also about the car which is silently standing on the road. The idea is that it was about all those things which affected me whether consciously or subconsciously in one way or the other because 365 days cannot be about just one thing.

As the people are preparing to celebrate one more complete revolution of earth, my mind is wondering what if I get a chance to rewind and relive 2018. My story would have been a bit different then, I would have definitely act a bit oppositely, a bit less angrily and a bit more practically. Anyways, this thought needs a lot of thinking so I should just leave it till the time the mankind is able to build a time machine.

2019 is an unknown year like every upcoming year. There are a lot of big events already planned and what I am looking for is some source of positivity to enter with. There is a group of people who are sitting around a bonfire. A bonfire of woods and fuel which is spreading the much-needed warmth into this icy temperature. This fire made me realise that no matter how cold the winters are there is always a fire around us which is capable of bringing the summer of positivity in our soul and in our actions. As the last ray of sunshine is vanishing from the sky, I am going back to my room leaving you with these cold winds and a message for the upcoming year.

In the coming year may the stars work in your favour, May your heart stays young enough to lighten up this world full of darkness and May you get to your home, the home where you could find you, In the coming year.

See You Soon.

people lights firework new year s eve

P.S. A ‘Thank You’ to all of my friends who kept sharing every blog of mine even in the times when I didn’t. You truly made this voyage exceptional. Dary(read the P.S. of the blog from March to know the initial words). Happy New Year!!


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