An Ordinary Day

It’s crazy that everyone knows their right destination but still takes the wrong journey to a wrong destination.

Hey reader, before you proceed further let me clarify that there is nothing extraordinary in this month’s blog. There are no pictures & no mushy lines so if you are here for some astounding tales you may face some disappointment ahead.

My story of yet another homespun day was started with the same morning routine in which my mind most of the times work on an autopilot mode. I don’t have any specific memory of this part so better let me fast forward to the college part. College part is tricky. I see people who are running behind their dreams with an unmatched amount of dedication. I see people who want to bring a change to my nation. Their dedication always gives me the feeling of sitting with the future Bureaucrats, Entrepreneurs, RJs of our country but sometimes this optimism vanishes away when I see a handful of students who are sitting in and out of the class just for the sake of it. A handful of people who in my opinion are acting like a pigeon who instead of flying high has a habit of closing his eyes whenever he sees a cat.

The evening was quite refreshing, started with the regular outing with the friends in which currently I don’t see anything memorable but I can bet that 30 years old Dhruv will. My refreshing part began when due to some transportation issues I had to take a walk back to my home. The long walks where only thing which accompanies you are your thoughts and some unknown faces but still If you look with a little different perspective you will understand that it’s a pretty relaxing exercise for your mind (can’t comment for the legs).

After coming back I tried to finish my unread book but my efforts got distracted by the notification tone of my phone. My curiosity to know what others are doing overshadowed the commitment of myself to my dreams. Our mind is a quite tricky person he knows what is right for him, He knows what he must do to achieve what is right for him but somehow every time he ends up doing absolutely opposite. Then I switched on the news channels with a desire to learn about the latest happenings but all I saw were some ads and handful of anchors who were shouting for the sake of their channel’s TRP.

And now here I am writing about my unpretentious day with my headphones on & a belief that you would appreciate my effort of writing about not so artistic things.

See You In April

P.S. Average days are always tough to handle but I guess its the average days which make us understand why we need awesome days, It’s the ordinary blogs which make us think why we need extraordinary blogs. Nevertheless, the experience of writing about my ordinary day was legen………..wait for it…………


How to Fool People

Hey, so you are here to learn how to make people fool but guess what I just fooled you into reading my blog. I am not going to teach you this art because then fooling people will become difficult for me but don’t worry maybe somewhere in the future I would also write a blog on this topic.

The actual Title of this blog is –

The Dawn of a Winter Morning

Yes, this blog is about a stunning morning which I witnessed, One of those rare anecdotes in which a night owl becomes an early bird. Hope you will like it.


  • An Interesting Introduction
    I always heard the word good morning but after watching the sunrise today I realized why mornings are “good”. After watching Blue sky, Red sun, Grey moon, Green trees, White clouds you will understand that our nature is pretty good when it comes to using colours like a talented artist who has a deep understanding for his/her paints.
    I can’t explain every little detail but I will try to give you a broad picture of the dawn and to describe the picture lets start by explaining every major ingredient individually.
  • Sun
    A floating red ball coming out of the dark giving humans hope that the dark night is over and its time to touch the sky with glory. Before the sun everything was looking good but as soon as it appeared everything was at its best. The picture of sunshine turning clouds into orange reflectors is something which will stay in your heart for a really long time.sunrise-sky-blue-sunlight-67832.jpeg
  • Birds
    How can your eyes ignore these creatures but don’t worry even if your eyes miss these awesome creatures your ears will not. You will see/hear them tweeting as they are trying to share with you the story of their latest voyage which they had yesterday. Birds act like a natural alarm in the morning as they have the sole responsibility to wake every human up, maybe because they don’t know that we have smartphones now.pexels-photo.jpg
  • Clouds
    We all are very familiar with these condensed water vapours floating in the atmosphere. Children want to fly on them, Farmers want them to give a good rainfall, Pilots wants them to stay calm but no one asks them what they want from humans (why you are expecting an answer from me, I am not a cloud). One inspiring thing which we can learn from them is that sometimes in life we have to change our shape (mentality) in order to move forward.pexels-photo-889849.jpeg
  • Moon
    If you are a good observer you would also spot moon somewhere in the blue sky disappearing slowly because all of his friends (stars) have already gone. Moon seems like an employee of nature who is now changing its shift with the sun.pexels-photo-735638.jpeg

    The experience of watching sunrise after so many years was truly majestic & refreshing. It taught me that the mighty Lord has so many gifts for us, the only thing which is required is to go outside and change our attention from the artificial world (social media) to the natural world.

    That’s it from this month’s blog.

    See You In March


    P.S. The above work is entirely based on scribbler’s imagination because he is too lazy to come out from his bed on a winter morning any resemblance to the real world is purely incidental.

Beginning of a Beatific journey

Hey Angelic reader, In the age of Instagram, Snapchat and other photo sharing platforms I know people have no time for blogs but still blogging was something which I always wanted to try from my school days and this was also in the list of my 2018 resolutions.

This is the first blog and as the name suggests I am here with a mission of sharing some anecdotes & pieces of advice from the journey of my life. Although advice from an 18-year-old guy could be a little unrealistic for you in some cases but with all of my observation and sarcastic powers I will try my best to make them as useful and meaningful as they can be for you.

Its January and I will be sharing a blog at the end of every month, now if you are good with numbers I think you already calculated the total number of blogs which I will post in 2018 and if not you should better take admission in some kindergarten instead of reading this blog :-D.


And, While I am still working on my next blog because constructing new ideas is not an easy task especially when you are an aspiring scribbler but you can reduce my workload by sharing this blog with your super intelligent friends, foodie friends, close friends & with every other variety of friends.

Just wanna finish with a quote which I read earlier in the day~

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

See You In February


P.S. This is a very dynamic blog which is being run by a very dynamic, satirical and moody writer so at times the writer can go off the topic & take you to some amazing voyages through the power of his words.

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